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Article on gambling and other risky product advertising in EPL – “how-to” video tutorial

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We recently uploaded a paper which concerns the volume of advertising visible during English Premier League (EPL) football matches, aired both live on a commercial station and in highlights form on non-commercial broadcaster.  You can find the paper at

We have also uploaded the data gathered during that process and provided it on the same site:

However, we are well aware that there are more channels airing football matches, more matches to consider, and the process of data gathering is explained in the paper, but as with many things, a clearer tutorial on the process may be of use to those wishing to replicate the methodology.  We would indeed welcome the methodology being repeated on exactly the same broadcasts, should others wish to replicate the study exactly.

In order to ensure the data, paper and process are as interrogable as possible we have uploaded a video tutorial on the methods used – viewable or downloadable at  There are some periods where the microphone is not perfectly clear as it clashes with the playing video’s audio, apologies for that inconvenience, but nothing critical is missed during those segments.

You will find the introduction running from 0-4′, a look over the proforma created from 4′-8’30”, and a ‘dummy’ coding session from around 13’30” to 29′ to show how the process works.

We hope this video will clarify the process and welcome others using the same methods to interrogate broadcasts – not just EPL football, but any sporting matches can be analysed using the same methods.


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August 21, 2017 at 11:14 am

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